Confidentiality- ODIA-LAGNA.COM

I. ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website has reasonable processes and systems in place to maintain the confidentiality of all personal information other than those meant for sharing with the prospect furnished by ODIA-LAGNA.COM members and ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website may at its sole discretion and cost take bonafide steps for maintaining the confidentiality of the information in compliance with applicable law. However, LAGNAMATRIMONY.IN/Website /ODIA-LAGNA.COM member may divulge such information if required by law.

II. Any feedback you provide to ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website shall be deemed to be non-confidential. ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website shall be free to use such feedback/information on an unrestricted basis. Further, by submitting the feedback, you represent and warrant that (i) your feedback does not contain confidential or proprietary information of yourself or third parties; (ii) ODIA-LAGNA.COM member is not under any obligation of confidentiality, express or implied, with respect to the feedback; (iii) you are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement of any kind from ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website for the feedback under any circumstances.

III. You agree that ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website has all the right to process your data through the automated process to serve you with suitable profiles (based on your set partner preference) from ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website or its consortium of websites and may also send you communication in this regard.

Privacy of Membership

ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website has taken reasonable steps to protect the ODIA-LAGNA.COM member's privacy and shall take all reasonable efforts to protect any personal data provided to us through reasonable security safeguards against such risks as loss or unauthorized use, destruction, use, modification or disclosure of data, etc.

Although we will strive to safeguard the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information, any information transacted over the Internet cannot be made absolutely secure. You also agree that copying the data by using technology or any other new methods of data misuse/theft cannot be secured by ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website and that

 ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website will have no liability for any such act.

ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website member understand and agree that

 ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website will have no liability for disclosure of your information due to errors in transmission or unauthorized acts of third parties.

You also agree to keep your username and password confidential, to avoid any misuse of your profile at our Website.

Please read and comprehend our Privacy Policy, which also governs your visit to ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website, to understand our practices. ODIA-LAGNA.COM members agree that their profile(s) may be crawled and indexed by search engines, where ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website and its network does not have any control over the search engines behavior and ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website shall not be responsible for such activities of other search engines/third party websites.

You agree that, when you use third-party services through Website, you hereby grant ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website the right to share your information needed for providing such third party services to you or in relation to processing your information for office use of ODIA-LAGNA.COM/Website /its payment gateway and/or such third-party service providers.

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