Odia Wedding

Monday 22nd June, 2020

About Odisha and its Culture

Odisha is located on the east coast of India, by the Bay of Bengal, Odisha is one of the most beautiful states of India. The people in Odisha believe in simple living and are not very extravagant but in Modern Days its changes, they mostly believe in god there for its capital Bhubaneswar is known as Temple city of India, one of the big places of Hindu culture is Lord Jagannath temple is situated in puri town of Odisha. which is well reflected in their lifestyle. Just like their lifestyle, a special occasion in Odisha such as a wedding is also a simple affair. Though the basic ritual and the ceremony are akin to those practiced in the Hindu marriage ceremony, there are differences in many aspects as well. Simplicity and straightforwardness characterize Odia weddings. A wedding is considered as a beautiful affair and is solemnized with many rites and rituals.

Much like the other Indian weddings, Odia weddings are also Organised. The rituals and customs do not just begin on the wedding day. Instead, they are a stretched affair and are carried out much before and after the D-Day as well. One of the unique Rituals found in Odia's wedding is that the mother of the bridegroom participates in it. Also, the aged female members in the family of the groom attend the wedding ceremony. While the Odia Brahmins have their weddings in the daytime, the non-Brahmin prefer to ritual to take place in the evening or night. To know more about the traditional pre, Before, and After-wedding ritual, browse through the following lines.

Rituals Before Marriage

Bedi Anukuka

Rituals of Odia wedding is started 2 days Before, they are doing Bedi Anukula 1st then other Rituals are celebrated. Bedi Means the stage where the Bride and the goom Get married. this stage is well decorated. Poor families decorate the bedi with a different type of tree leaves, Flowers, and Banana Tree when others are using lights and other decorating items.


 Baduapani is a good culture with scientific Reson, Both Bride and Groom Taking Bath on herbals Like Haldi, Tulsi Etc, The Herbal Antibiotic Helps To boost Immunity 


Rituals At Marriage

Wedding in Orissa is a simple affair and is devoid of any extravaganza or opulence. Though the ceremony performed is much like those performed in the Hindu marriage ceremony, there are many different aspects to it. Simplicity and modesty are important factors that define an Odia wedding. The rituals performed are not at all elaborate.


Rituals After Marriage

Weddings are all about traditions and rituals that are spiced up with much enthusiasm and fervor. Talking about Odia's wedding, a blissful affair, the ceremonies at the wedding of this particular class of India, do not end with the wedding day. Instead, some important traditions are carried out even after the wedding day. up to seven days, Every day The New Couple comes to bedi and Celebrate Kaudi khela ,Bandapana, Etc.



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